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False Alarm Instructions

In the Event of a False Alarm

Have you accidentally set off your alarm system?


If you have never accidentally set off your alarm system before, the first time can be a very unnerving experience. Remember: DO NOT PANIC! Disarm you alarm system first, then call the Central Monitoring Station to advise them of the false alarm. As part of our initiative to reduce false alarms, some newer systems report a special “Cancel Code” to the Central Monitoring Station. This alerts the operators that an authorized individual has turned off your system successfully.

The Central Monitoring Station will always call the premise first. They do this to verify if the alarm is a false or true alarm, and to ensure that everything is alright. Even though the station will call, in the event of a false alarm, it is the responsibility of the customer to advise them. Keep the central monitoring station number in a convenient spot, so if there is a false alarm you have the number readily available. We suggest keeping it by your keypad, or telephone.

The operators at the station will always ask for your name, and 4-digit passcode (or in some cases a password). This is to verify that you have authorized access to the premise, and to cancel any alarms that are false. If the station reaches someone on your premise who is not on the authorized list and/or does not have a passcode, they will dispatch the proper authorities.

Please be familiar with your City's bylaws concerning false alarms, and any associated fees.

Chilliwack - False Alarm Bylaw

Abbotsford - False Alarm Bylaw

Vancouver - False Alarm Reduction Program

Tips for reducing false alarms:

- Know your codes, and keep a list of who has your alarm’s code in a secure location.

- Use pet friendly detectors (designed to ignore the presence of pets up to a certain weight).

- Ensure all windows and doors are secure before arming your security system.

- Watch for stray objects near a motion detector that could trigger a false alarm.

- Drafts can move plants or curtains causing a false alarm.

- If your alarm system has wireless devices that use batteries, be sure to replace the batteries regularly.

- Report damaged or faulty devices to our administration office for servicing.

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