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Basic Alarm Testing 








Without arming your alarm system, have one person stand at the keypad. Have a second person walk in front of the various motion sensors one at a time, and as they do, the corresponding number to that zone should display briefly on the keypad. Have the person at the keypad keep track of every zone that displays. This proves that the motion detectors are reporting to the alarm panel properly.

Next, open each door and/or window that has a contact, one at a time, while the person at the keypad keeps track as before. This test proves that all the doors and windows are reporting to the alarm panel properly.

If any of the devices tested does not reflect on your keypad that they are functioning, please contact our office for repairs and/or advice.

Once all your primary devices are checked, now it is time to test your alarm panel communications. Contact the Central Monitoring Station and state your intention to test your system. They will require your account number or address, and your passcode to ensure the security of your account.

Now you may ARM your alarm system as if you were leaving, and wait for the exit delay to expire. Once your system is fully ARMED, open a protected door/window or walk in front of a motion detector to activate an alarm event. If the zone activated does not have an entry delay, your siren will sound immediately. To silence your siren, simply enter your user code to disarm your system.

Depending on your alarm system, you may have a MEMORY light illuminated on your keypad indicating that an alarm event has taken place. This memory light is for your notification purposes, and will not impede the arming of your alarm system. Full LCD displays may scroll through a list of zones activated while the system was armed.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the testing of your alarm system’s communications, please call the Central Monitoring Station and ask what alarm signals they received on your account. Once signals are verified, ask them to take your account OFF TEST. If they did not receive any signals, please contact our office.

Should you desire not to test your system by yourself, please call the office and we can arrange for a technician to attend the site and do the testing on your behalf. (Please be advised of the fee for a certified technician to attend).

Test Your System Montly 
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