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Company History

Excellence, 30+ Years in the Making

Praetorian Security was incorporated in March of 1981, by founders Gale Lang and the late Peter Church. Initially the company provided only security patrols and uniformed guard services, before it expanded to provide alarm system services. From there began the converging of patrol services and alarm services to provide the alarm response services. On May 1st 2011, after 30 years in business, the founders sold the company to local Chilliwack businessman Frank Kragh. Not long after, Frank merged his existing company Amax Security Plus and Praetorian together to form Amax Praetorian. Over time, the company has continued to change and grow, focused on customer service and maintaining long-term customer relationships.

Company Name

Our original company name was chosen very specifically. The name “Praetorian” is taken from the latin word praetoriani. In Rome, the commanding general of the Roman army was known as a praetor. It was his duty to choose from the army ranks a private force to act as guards of the praetorium; also known as the general’s tent. When Caesar Augustus became the first ruler of the Roman Empire, he recruited these Praetorian Guards to protect the emperor and the citizens of Rome, thus, forming the Praetoriani.

Licensing and Bonding

Our company and all its security personnel are licensed under the Private Investigators and Security Agencies Act of British Columbia, and bonded in accordance with the Security Bonding Act. The terms of the security bond provide protection to our clients relating to the honest and lawful conduct of the company and its employees. Our employees are also insured under a commercial blanket bond which provides further employee fidelity coverage. Additionally, a company policy of general liability insurance is maintained.

Excellence since 1981

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