Patrol Services

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Services are usually performed in the after hours when most businesses are closed. We provide visual, and physical inspection of the exterior of your business or property at an affordable and competitive rate.

We can schedule a minimum of one check or multiple checks per night dependent on a mutual assessment of your security needs.


Our company employs the use of real time tracking devices to ensure the integrity of our checks. This allows our management and clients to keep track of activity on their premise.


Inquire with our office for more details.

Static Patrol

A static patrol is done completely on foot. This allows for personal contact with the public, high visibility and a regular presence to discourage criminal activity, which in turn provides a greater sense of security to the clients. Patrolling on foot also increases the knowledge of the individual character and common issues of a patrol area.


Static patrols are available for different purposes, such as; one-time events, weekend and longer events, locations on a contractual basis, on-going construction locations, and many more. Inquire with our office for more details.

All of our security personnel are licensed under the Private Investigators and Security Agencies Act of British Columbia, and bonded in accordance with the Security Bonding Act.