Alarm Systems


All alarm installations are performed by our fully licensed and qualified technicians. We can install hard-wired or wireless systems for any residence, industrial or commercial location, and can be applied to the interior and/or exterior. Some examples of installation services are;

  • Complete alarm system pre-wiring in units under construction
  • Magnetic contact switches for the protection of door/window access
  • Application of motion and glassbreak sensors designed for the space protection of building interiors, exteriors and compound areas. Includes the use of both active and passive infrared, microwave and dual technology detection components.
  • Underground applications, including all capacitance, seismatic and coaxial installations.
  • Compound fence applications including microwave and active infrared beams, seismatic and geophone coax installations.
  • Miscellaneous applications - infrared security, intercom, key card access, camera surveillance systems, and a range of industrial process alarms.
  • Medic alarm - monitored wireless protection.

Alarm Monitoring

Without alarm monitoring your system does still function in deterring criminals. However, should a break-in occur while you are away from your home, there is no guarantee that you would be made aware of it, and the criminals could easily evade arrest. The purpose of alarm monitoring is to take action, and alert the proper individuals in the event of a break-in. The monitoring station receives an alarm signal, and the operator contacts the proper authorities and the home/business owner. All alarm monitoring services are provided on a 24 hour/365 days a year basis, and by our U.L.C. approved monitoring station.


Don't take a chance, have your alarm system monitored today!

Alarm Maintenance

If you are having any difficulties with your existing system, we can help! We service all makes and models of alarm systems. Having been in business for 30 years has given us many different problems to work through. If we don't already have a solution to your problem, we will find one!