Alarm Response Service

Alarm Runner Response is an optional service our company provides to both residential and commercial subscribers. In the case of an alarm event, one of our licensed security officers would be notified by our monitoring station, and would then immediately respond. Our employee would arrive at the location and complete an exterior check of the premise, to verify the security of the premise. Should a break-in or attempted break-in have occurred, our employee would promptly request the attendance of the police, and wait on scene until their arrival.

Our security officer would then complete a report for the information of the client, reset the alarm system and secure the property before departure.


Why would you need our Alarm Response Service?

When an alarm activation occurs, the police do not often respond. They require confirmation of an attempted or actual break-in. Should the police attend, they require access to the building. As police do not have keys, it is necessary that the owner or a representative attend to unlock the door. Without a professional security agency to act as their representative, alarm owners must either accept this responsibility, or designate it to their employees or relatives. Most alarm events occur at night, often in foul weather and usually anytime during weekends. It is an unpleasant and often frightening event for the representative to be roused from his or her sleep and forced to rush to the scene.

With Praetorian Security acting as your representative, you can be assured that your property is in good hands.

Alarm Response Fees

Monitored Amax Praetorian Customers
Lock Box (one time fee) $65.00
Annual Stand-by Fee $96.00
Per Response Fee $30.00

 Non-Monitored Amax Praetorian Customers

 We are no longer acquiring any new non-monitored alarm response customers.