Basic Alarm Monitoring


Without alarm monitoring your system does still function in deterring criminals. However, should a break-in occur while you are away from your home, there is no guarantee that you would be made aware of it, and the criminals could easily evade arrest. The purpose of alarm monitoring is to take action, and alert the proper individuals in the event of a break-in. The monitoring station receives an alarm signal, and the operator contacts the proper authorities and the home/business owner. All alarm monitoring services are provided on a 24 hour/365 days a year basis, and by our U.L.C. approved monitoring station.


Don't take a chance, have your alarm system monitored today!

Additional Monitoring Services*

Opening & Closing Reports

Receive daily, weekly or monthly reports on the opening and closing events at your location.

Supervised Openings & Closings

With Supervised Openings & Closings, you can ensure that your business has been securely armed, and that there are no unauthorized openings outside of regular business hours.

Cellular Backup Monitoring

With Cellular Backup Monitoring, you will never have to worry about your security system if the phones lines go down. With a Cellular Backup Unit in place, the Central Station will receive the alarm signal, whether your phone line is functional or not.

*For each one of these optional services, basic monitoring must already be in place, and additional fees apply. Please contact our office for more details.